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Bay Area Attic & Crawl Space Cleanup

Crawl Space Cleanup

Animal Removal & Other Services

For almost any type of maintenance to your air ducts, electrical or other internal systems to be done, we understand how important it is to have a clean attic. That means knowing what you have in your attic and how to clean it up is a necessity. When you hire Attic Perfect to perform your attic cleanup, we first and foremost help you discover what is in your attic, and then we take care of it in a way that leaves your space looking and feeling as fresh and clean as the day your home was built.
This includes:
  • Cleaning urine, feces and droppings left from previous rodent infestations
  • Odor elimination
  • Allergen alleviation
  • Dead animal/carcass removal
  • Mold remediation
  • Contaminated insulation removal
  • Fine cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectant
With our help, you can finally go up into your attic to perform regular maintenance without feeling like you need to take an immediate shower.

Crawl Space Cleanup

As for your crawl space, having a clean space is just as important as it is in the attic. For homes without basements, the crawl space acts as a home for many ducts and plumbing, which means the occasional or annual round of maintenance is necessary. That being said, no one wants to crawl under their house to their crawl space just to find a few dead animal carcasses. When Attic Perfect cleans your crawl space, the worry of dead animals being present, diseases being caught and/or odors seeping into your home are alleviated.
For crawl space cleanups, we offer the same general cleaning/removal services as stated above for attic cleanups. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.