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Attic Insulation

The insulation in your home is your primary line of defense against harsh weather conditions, heat, cold, moisture and unwanted creatures.

Attic Crawl Space Cleanup

For almost any type of maintenance to your air ducts, electrical or other internal systems to be done, we understand how important it is to have a clean attic.
Attic & Crawl Space Barriers

At Attic Perfect, we supply two types of barrier options for your attic and crawl space.
Crawl Space Floor Insulation

Even with proper finishing on a crawl space, crawl space floor insulation can be damaged or contaminated from water damage, improper ventilation, pests or rodents, and even age.

Rodent Proofing & Rodent Control

When animals like mice, rodents, bats and other small creatures are able to sneak into your home using damaged portions or open spaces in your attic and crawl space, chances are you are going to sustain damage.
Thermal Imaging Home Inspections

At Attic Perfect, our mission is to keep your home safe and comfortable, and most importantly, to keep your energy costs low!



Whether you realize it or not, your home can lose you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year, simply by letting energy escape out of poorly insulated and damaged areas of your home – and that is exactly what Attic Perfect is here to help you avoid. We will get your home or business back to running the way it should with the help of our top-of-the-line attic insulation, crawl space insulation and energy inspection services. Attic Perfect offers varying services, including attic insulation installation, thermal imaging, rodent control and rodent proofing. We have dedicated all of our services to keeping you, your family, your customers and your clients safe, as well as your home/business running

The insulation in your home is your primary line of defense against harsh weather conditions, heat, cold, moisture and unwanted creatures. Keep cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.


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Serving the Bay Area and Southern California For Attic Insulation & Attic Cleaning

Whether you live in the Bay Area, San Diego or other counties of north and south california, find out how to make an investment in your home that can improve its comfort and its efficiency. Call 800-774-1740 to talk to the experienced professionals at Attic Perfect.

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Trusted Insulation Contractors San Diego & Bay Area

Insulation Contractors Serving the San Diego & Bay Area If you want to reduce your Bay Area home's carbon footprint and enjoy the added bonus of reduced energy costs, Attic Perfect is your best insulation contractor choice. You know that a hat can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. An attic with the appropriately rated level of protection can do the same for your whole family. Imagine being cooler in the summer without running your air conditioner more. Tired of choosing between having a high heating bill or being comfortable in the winter? We can help.

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"They sent 7 people who spent 10 hours doing the job - removing existing insulation, rodent proofing, and putting in new insulation with Pink Panther, the best material to use. Everything is covered up before and cleaned afterward. No mess whatsoever. I am totally impressed how professional they are."
- Harry W